Finding Our Joy In God Himself

  Within the depths of every human being there exists an insatiable longing for God. The tragedy of our life lies in our constant temptation to lose the focus of that longing and to desire something less than God. The longing becomes twisted into a desire for power, pleasure, wealth and fame. Our hungry souls remain famished. 

We find satisfaction in the form of gratifying personal relationships and accomplishments. Yet the yearning remains for ineffable beauty, goodness and truth.    

Repentance suggests a return, a coming home. It means that we rediscover and relive the purpose God gave us in the beginning. Repentance means refocusing our longing in God Himself. It means finding the meaning and purpose of our life in Him, and experiencing the beauty, love, and joy our hearts so earnestly desire. 

Repentance transforms inner restlessness into inner quiet, a stillness that fills the mind and heart with a peace which passes all understanding.    

The love we feel for another person is derivative from God’s love. When love is deep, genuine and self-giving it is a reflection, however pale, of God’s love for us and ours for Him. Love and longing originate with God and find their end in Him.    

Following the LORD Jesus Christ means walking a path of sanctifying holiness with Him. We do not embrace man-made religion, but the joy of loving and adoring the Holy Trinity, one God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the delight and glory of His Kingdom.